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The future of social media marketing.

The future of social media marketing.

Feeds, more on private messages

The feed is the heart of every social network and it can’t simply vanish, but slowly yet surely, people are using social media more and more as a way to get in touch with businesses and have instant message conversations. The feed will never truly go anywhere since people do spend a lot of time on there and it is used as a key space for advertising however it would be silly not to allocate some resources to instant messaging.

Despite all the hoo-haa, influencers aren’t going away

With the ever growing influencer market growing, more businesses are wisening up to the more troublesome ones, their followers are beginning to lose trust and brands will abandon these people altogether. The growing trend here is that brand marketers are educating themselves about the influencer marketing supply chain, enabling them to work with influencers who promote their brand effectively and actually sell their product.

Consistency across all channels is key

As social media becomes a more heavily saturated space, the quality of content must also rise. Brands that are switched on to this will get a digital marketing specialist in to take a look at what they’re currently doing as well as give advice on where their socials should be heading. Brands who are not able to identify what works for their business will lose customers to their competitors. Plan, execute, analyse and repeat.

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