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Social media hints and tips for COVID-19

Social media hints and tips for COVID-19

The pandemic has brought with it many challenges for businesses, either due to the forced lockdowns or slow down of trade in general, as a result of this we’ve seen many clients pivoting to a more digital based business model. Social media usage has therefore seen an increase during this period, which gives business owners an opportunity to capitalise on this.

Social media provides you with a free platform to communicate with your customers and potential customers, update them in real time about your business and keep your brand presence fresh in their minds while they’re in their homes. While you should still be posting regularly, there are some other things you could explore, here are ideas for your social media marketing during COVID-19.

Live streaming

There is only so much Netflix one person can watch and with a lot more time on our hands people are able to consume more content than they normal would. Why not try live streaming as a new way to connect with your audience.

It’s a great way to build up your expertise in a certain area, or showcase your skills and/or products and services. For example, a physiotherapist could host a live stretching session or a garden centre could run through a pruning tutorial. On the other hand, if you’re in the food industry you could construct one of your trademark dishes or even give a behind the scenes into how you prep for the upcoming week.

The key is to be creative, people are looking for entertainment and if your business can offer that as well as some useful information, you’ll come out on top.

Try a new platform

If you’ve thought about giving Tik-Tok a go or starting up on another platform, do it now. You’ll be able to put more time into it and do it well.

You should be clear in establishing your strategy and goals during this time though;

  • Are you trying to reach a new target market?
  • Are you trying to build your brand or connect with existing followers?
  • What type of content works best on that platform?
  • Will you have time to keep it up once business picks up the pace again?

These considerations will help you guide your social planning and strategy both in the short term and long run.

Influencer collaborations

For smaller businesses especially, collaborating with influencers felt unattainable. Influencers are struggling alot during this time as brands are cutting spending, which means this could be an opportunity to work with them and increase your following.

Start by making a shortlist of influencers you would like to align your brand with, from the big ones to the micro-influencers. Try message them on social media or send an email asking if they’re open to collaborations at the moment. Send over a sample or work on a sponsored post to boost your exposure.

Spend on social media advertising

On top of Facebook providing ad grants and credits, it’s a great time to spend on advertising as the cost-per-click has halved in many markets, so it’s cheaper to advertise now than before, your dollar will achieve a higher reach. This also means that there will be less competition, meaning you’ll have a better chance of being spotted on the news feed.

For any further information on the above please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll try to assist you as best we can. Stay safe.