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Full Service Offerings

What is digital marketing? What do we actually do? View our full range of services below.

Website design & Development
Conversion driven, mobile responsive and UX optimised.
Marketing Strategy
Tailor made strategies designed to fit a specific target market.
Pay Per Click
Advertise to the right audience using Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.
Increase your site's authority and traffic to improve your ranking.
Social Media Management
We harness your social media channels to work for you.
Content Creation
Professionally produced to adhere to your specific briefs.
Email Marketing
Gently nurture your prospects towards your solutions directly.
Branding & Graphic design
Branded assets that tell your story to your consumers.

The Playbook

We model our work on a 4 stage process


We jump in head first, we immerse ourselves in your business to understand how you operate, who you your customers are and what you do on the day to day, as far as getting to know your coffee order! You need to understand the client to understand how to solve the problem.


Our team will put together a specifically designed plan based upon our findings from the analysis stage and present it to the client. We'll go back and forth to ensure that we're both on the same page and from here its gung ho!


Off we go! Your strategy gets executed by the Vexus team. We ensure that we do all we can to get you the results that you deserve!


Once your campaign is running, this is where the real fun begins! We observe and optimise constantly so that your always getting the optimal results from your investment, reporting back to our clients along the way.