Rebranding, it’s more than just a new logo.

Entrepreneurs make a lot of decisions when they start a business. Many of these are good, many of these are also bad though. These bad decisions are generally the one’s that lead to rebranding.

More than just a coat of paint

Successful rebrands involve everyone in the company, not just your marketing or advertising department. Customer service, operations, fulfillment, branding is the grand total of the entire customer experience. This therefore means that the only way to rebrand would be for everyone in the company to create an amazing customer experience.

It doesn’t happen overnight

You can change the identity fairly quickly but you won’t be able to change your customer experience anywhere near as fast. This is especially true if your product or service has improved drastically and is more high end. It is important to keep in mind that customer perception is the last thing to change.

Differing strategies are a must

Broadening your product base will require revamping both your marketing and advertising campaigns. You will need to branch off from your initial offering, however it is important to stay true to your demographic and marketing position.

Internal must change before external can follow

Ensure that your brand truly reflects the amazing customer experience that you can provide your customers. A new logo and some colour schemes are a quick fix solution to an aesthetic problem, they do nothing to benefit the consumer.

For help with rebranding, get in touch now and let’s figure out a campaign best suited to your business.

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