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Mobile, the key to activating your brand experience.

Mobile, the key to activating your brand experience.

With new technological integrations like AI, voice control and smart assistants, it is essential that marketers incorporate these mobile basics in their strategy today. Despite saturation in many mature economies, smartphone users are only expected to grow in the future, with the Asia-pacific region accounting for 73% of these users. Along with this comes the increased use of video marketing, influencer marketing and mobile wallets and health services. Mobile is similar to electricity in the way that it will enable and unleash a new wave of innovation, especially for AI, voice, visual search and augmented reality. With voice sensors exploding in the world around us, the role of mobile is only going to evolve, with mobiles becoming less of a phone and more of a remote control to initiate and control our requests and experiences. Another upside to mobile developing is also its future-proofing, phones are here to stay, for the next 10 years at least.

In order to capitalise on this mobile landscape, marketers should be sure to define the role of mobile in order to achieve growth objectives, measure offline media impact in real time, leverage the power of traditional media, optimise mobile share in the total marketing mix.

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