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Instagram “Explore” page now includes stories, IGTV and shop

Instagram “Explore” page now includes stories, IGTV and shop

Instagram stories have taken off since their inception, thanks to their time sensitive nature. The new features that have been implemented now make it that much easier for businesses to take advantage of stories as they can now be viewed on the explore page.

Stories are a great way for people to find out more about their favourite brands on the platform. The fact that they have now been implemented on the explore page makes it that much easier for viewers to come across your content. The importance of engagement in these stories has now never been higher. The Explore grid will now show personalised stories for each user, allowing targeted recommendations. This eliminates one of the main challenges of Instagram marketing, which is getting your content to the right audience. The algorithm will match stories with interested profiles and since more than 50% of accounts go on the explore page monthly, it is key for brands to now output pillar content in the stories format.

IGTV and Shop shortcuts will also be pinned to the navigation bar on the Explore page, allowing businesses who make videos or sell through Instagram a lot easier to find. Your curated interests will also be included in the navigation bar in categories such as fashion, food and drink, sport etc.

These new updates make the platform so much more valuable to brands and marketers alike, a step in the right direction after the newsfeed was changed from chronological order.

To really capitalise on this update, be sure that you post great, pillar content in your stories to maintain engagement and watch rates. This will only boost your position on the explore page and lead to a better rate of discovery.

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