How to safeguard against those pesky algorithms!

You know how every so often your likes fall on social media and your Google rank falls a few places and you have absolutely no idea why? This might mean that the algorithm has changed. Social media platforms usually change it up so that they can boost revenue and search engines usually do so to improve their search results. To help you combat these changes we suggest the following:

For your website:

1) Create pillar content

In today’s digital age it has come to the point that users are getting overwhelmed with too much online content and they’re begin to look for more thorough and in-depth content to avoid sifting through 10 different articles to find something of use. Pillar content is long form content based on one specific topic that can’t be broken down into smaller pieces. This will bring specific hits to your site.

2) Optimise for mobile

52% of web traffic is now funnelled from mobile sources and Google has made it clear that sites should now be optimised this way. Take a look around your site and start making changes to enhance the user experience for smartphones. Always remember to keep user experience at the top of your mind, it not only has to look good but has to load fast. As well as stunning graphics and photography, good blog content is essential.

3) Have a specific focus

Forget about the keyword stuffing and trolling for traffic that used to happen on the web. Today Google focuses on showing websites that fit the niche the customer is looking for.

For your socials:

1) Be prepared to spend some money

Free social media has come and gone! In order to succeed you should be ready to invest in advertising, especially with Facebook setting the precedent and slashing organic reach.

2) Get on to new features first

By engaging early you not only have less competition early on but you also command more attention to yourself. New forms of content are also given priority in terms of organic reach since companies push these to become more familiar.

3) It’s no longer a volume game

Social media is now engagement based, meaning it selects content based on engagement as opposed to the original chronological order. Therefore it’s now a quality game rather than a numbers game. For this reason, content creation is more important than ever. Be mindful of the content you share and put all your efforts into every post.

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