How to maximise social media traffic to your site.

While Google is still the best in directing visitors to your site it is no longer possible to ignore the numbers that social media is pulling, a very worthy investment if you play your cards right. Here is our guide on how to maximise as much traffic from social media as possible.

1. Prepare your social pages

Set your business page up on whichever platform you choose to use and fill them up with as much information. In order to make your page as appealing as possible we suggest you adhere to this checklist.

  • Name
  • Logo
  • URL
  • Cover photo
  • About section
  • Contact information
  • Link to your site
  • Pictures that capture your essence

Platforms you will be using

All the mainstream social networks are perfect, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and others. It’s safe to choose any of these to promote your website, in fact there is no reason for you not to choose all of them as long as you match your content accordingly.

Updates you will be posting

Think of your audience and your primary demographic, is the content your posting going to be suitable for them? Will they be interested in clicking on your posts? The content you post leads directly towards engagement so be sure to give generous amounts of pillar content for your valued customers.

Content is king! Excellent content on your site is a type of promotion in itself. Imagine a user visits your socials and clicks on a link, it takes them to your website and low and behold the content is bad. That user will then bounce and likely forego clicking on another one of your links for a while. We can’t have that.

2. Direct users from social media to your site

Once you’ve made the above preparations, start directing traffic!

Post Often – Thousands of different pages come up on user feeds. The more of those updates that come from you. The likelier they are to click on one.

Post different types of content – It’s a lot more interesting when your posting more than just images and text, most platforms support many more formats so be sure to take advantage of this.

Share other content – Not only will the writers be appreciative but they’ll also be introduced to your brand.

Ask users to engage – The more people talking about your brand, the better!

Reply to users – Doing this in a timely manner is a sign of caring for the user, now obviously in some cases this may be difficult, perhaps think about a chat-bot.

Invest in paid promotions – When all else fails, invest in paid ads, which will become more efficient now with the changes in Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm.

If you can execute all of the above steps successfully you should see some great traffic funnelled to your site from social media, not only through good content but also through good interaction.

Need some help in prepping your brands socials? Speak to one of our social media experts today to get your brand’s socials working for you.

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