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Combining social media and PPC for more conversions.

Combining social media and PPC for more conversions.

Social networks consist of about 2.62 billion users worldwide and with PPC advertising producing roughly $2 of revenue for every dollar spent, it only makes sense to leverage both of these tools so that you can maximise your income. If you create a seamless experience for users through boosted posts and target google search campaigns you’re almost guaranteed to get more conversions. Here is an easy way to do just that.

Target specific social posts with Google Remarketing

Essentially your goal on social media should be to:

  • Conduct a good social media campaign
  • Retarget those who engaged with that campaign via Google
  • Get them to convert on a landing page

This will allow you to tap into omnichannel marketing

First, you need to create a social campaign where your goal is to either target engagement on a post or drive visits from a post back to a dedicated landing page on your website, thus allowing you to target those specific users, rather than a broader, diluted pool of visitors on a regular landing page.

To conduct this campaign you will first need to create a list you can remarket based on Facebook and instagram engagement or remarket specific website visits that your campaign generates to that dedicated landing page.

The reason that this works is two fold:

  1. The transition from social awareness to lead qualification is seamless.
  2. The campaign is directly related and targeted.

This list will have such specificity to your target market that we suggest downloading this list from Facebook and uploading it on to Google as a new audience. A perfectly curated audience for your business.

The next step in your campaign would be to then engage with this audience using Google based PPC ads directing them to a landing page with magnets.

If you can successfully execute this, a spike in sales should be not far off.

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