Our Story

Our director George found his passion for digital marketing while still at school and pursued this avenue all the way through to university. After graduating with a degree in E-Business and a major in marketing he found himself back at university again, only this time on the other side of the desks, tutoring Marketing Research. While teaching he was constantly working as a freelancer in the industry, working with prominent Australian brands and furthering not only his knowledge but also experience in the field. It was at this point that the lure of the digital world had fully captivated him and he took the plunge. In 2014 Vexus was born.

What do we do?

Over the years our field of expertise has steadily grown and we are now a full service agency. Our specialties include but aren't limited to; web design and development, UX and UI, digital business strategies, brand development, conversion rate optimisation, SEO, data and analytical research, e-commerce, social media management and strategy, marketing strategies and campaigns, content creation and public relations.


Want to know more?

Interested in a more in depth conversation about what we do and who we are? Our team always fits in time for a chat and especially when it is about them!