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5 Mistakes your business is probably making on Facebook.

5 Mistakes your business is probably making on Facebook.

1. Constantly promoting your stuff

You won’t get very far if you keep trying to just promote your products, in fact it’s quite the opposite, posts that try and direct users to a purchase or landing page aren’t even likely to reach that many people. Facebook’s new algorithm now even “prioritizes posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people.”

Nobody wants to see content that isn’t original and provides little or no value. Since the updates Facebook has been trying to push content that encourages meaningful interaction that people find useful and will actually enjoy.

2. Not trying new things

Social media is also about experimenting, you should constantly be pushing new practices and trying new angles at boosting engagement. Curating content that applies to your target market also boosts your page rank. However this is merely a starting point, you should also try starting a group, this is a great way to promote interest and nurture an audience without any expense. Visuals are also extremely important, people engage with post 2.3x more than just text. Ads also offer many benefits like leads, likes, engagements and a call to action that can significantly boost your brand.

3. Not creating original content

Social media is built on original content. In order for brands to stay ahead they need to be creating original content that adds value. In addition to this, content creators have also seen a boost in audiences as their natural distribution is pushed with likes and shares. Facebook looks for these to boost posts, in other words, you need to focus on shareable content.

4. Not interacting

Hint: it’s in the title. Social Media, be social! Businesses who don’t interact, answer questions, reply to comments and don’t connect with their audience are missing out on a ton of value. Interacting encourages other people to contribute to your brands page, this doesn’t just mean throwing a like around here or there, but asking questions and giving detailed responses, in the process you’re also gathering more information about your own audience. Another positive is if this is conducted correctly, you actually boost your own overall engagement. Remember, a good tone of voice and personality can go a long way.

5. Not tracking your efforts

There is nothing more important than metrics, it’s essential that you know how to measure the results of your marketing. As far as data and analytics go, you need to set clear outcomes that you want to measure, for example to measure effects on sales you would have to use a different metric than if you were looking at brand recognition. This is where the Facebook Pixel comes into play, a handy little solution that can measure, optimise and build tailored audiences for advertising campaigns. It also tracks website visits all the way through to conversion, a nifty little tool indeed. You can really see the effects of driving traffic back to your site with the pixel.

To successfully implement a Facebook strategy encompassing these 5 factors into your business, get in touch with one of our Social Media experts today for an obligation free quote!

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