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5 Instagram mistakes that keep your brand from growing.

5 Instagram mistakes that keep your brand from growing.

1. Lack of engagement

Engagement is essential for your brand’s growth. Be sure not to just post and ghost, replying to comments on posts is not enough either, go out of your way to engage with other users, preferably ones who have common interests with you. Search relevant hashtags and comment on them, leave comments that are natural and can spark conversation, avoid generic comments like, “nice” or “love this”

2. Wrong use of hashtags

In order for hashtags to be effective you need to use them – and use them correctly. After using hashtags you should track their performance to see which ones lead to increased engagement from your audience. After looking at this, document the characteristics to help you detail your strategy for future posts. Hashtags are a great way to get discovered but the new Instagram algorithm prioritises content .

3. Too much polished content

Many top brands create polished content in a bid to depict their quality and professionalism however sometimes this doesn’t work as it should, polished instagram videos for example aren’t worth the payoff. People relate better to authentic content thus your brand should focus on sharing more real moments. A mix of static and video content make posts more reliable.

4. Fake followers, likes and engagement.

It’s becoming harder and harder to grow an organic following on Instagram with the platform’s latest push of paid advertising. We know it can be tempting to beat the system and try and employ bots,programs or engagement pods to do the work for you but this will likely set you further back than when you started. While this may inflate your numbers somewhat, there is a high possibility that Instagram will ban you. These artificial methods add nothing but dead weight, they don’t convert into sales or engage with your content.

5. Blind strategy creation

Having a blind instagram strategy is as good as having no instagram strategy these days. You should concentrate on one goal, whether it’s building traffic to your site, increasing awareness or something else, be sure to look at your analytics as these will give an indication of how this is going., especially the right analytics, followers and likes aren’t what you need to be looking at. Interactions, profile visits, reach, impressions and engagement are the Social Media KPIs which need to be monitored.

If you play your cards right, you can build a huge and loyal community on Instagram to help grow your brand. To do this you will need genuine engagement from people who are authentically interested in your brand and content, this audience will give you high quality mentions which is the most powerful asset you can ask for your business. Get in touch with us today to start developing an Instagram strategy for your business.

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