4 social strategies to boost profits by 25%

A marketing strategy involves identifying a target market and establishing actions to better reach that target market through campaigns, analysis and adjustments. Social media strategies are there to educate, engage and excite customers to build brand loyalty. Here are four areas of social media that all entrepreneurs should target:

Blogging and content marketing

78% of customers prefer to get to know a company through articles rather than ads. This leads to a six times higher conversion rate than other avenues. Brands should therefore invest in themselves to capitalise on these figures. If you sell makeup – create how to application tutorials, if you own a cafe – provide information about trending foods or diets. Figure out what your customers might care about and start writing.

Read and respond to reviews and complaints

Here’s another stat for you, 84% of customers trust online reviews. Respond to reviews, act on comments, and do it rapidly! Customers expect a response, and they want it within the hour. No response is just as bad as a template response. If there is nobody in your company designated to this, than there should be.

Social media is not just Facebook

Overall Facebook usage has been slowly declining. If you have a good webpage, there is no reason to resort to posting everything on Facebook. This can confuse and overwhelm customers. if you announce things on different sites at different times this can cause confusion and added time searching, turning customers away. Have a robust homepage!

LinkedIn is also fantastic for business to business content marketing. They prefer to read long and informative articles with a wordcount over 1900. It also has the highest conversion rate, ensure to utilise this.

YouTube since the Google acquisition now features more prominently on search. It also has the highest amount of users, 73% of Australians. You can engage with emotion and excitement better, posting how-to and other useful videos.

Use data to learn, analyse and adapt

Social media also provides data, which is invaluable to marketers. You can gauge attitudes, preferences and trends. You can see hits, page views, bounce rates, click paths, conversion rates and keyword analysis. All essential metrics to build campaigns upon.

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