3 no-cost marketing tactics to bring in sales

Your marketing plan and efforts are what separates a successful business from a not so successful business. If you have no audience, you make no sales.  Now marketing can get expensive if you start paying for advertising but there are also free ways to market your business which can be highly effective if implemented correctly, by utilising these strategies you can increase your customer base and bring in more sales.

Get on a podcast

Podcast Insights states that 44% of the population have listened to a podcast. In the U.S 73 million people listen to them each month. Podcast listeners are engaged, this is the perfect avenue to market to your business to new potential customers. These listeners are also far more likely to subscribe to your email list and seriously consider buying the product. When on the podcast be sure to lead your pitch with the specific value and takeaways you can bring to the podcaster's audience.

Leverage large audiences

Try and take your expertise and train someone else's large audience. Other entrepreneurs would be willing to agree to this kind of arrangement because this would give their own audience extra value. By creating content for large media publications that get plenty of monthly viewers you create a win win situation for both parties involved.

Go deep with content

Strong content is essential. Good video, audio and written content can be leveraged and repurposed by others, while it could take you some time on the front end to get it together, it will pay dividends by allowing new customers to know, follow, like and trust you. Good content that gets shared creates organic word of mouth marketing for you, which is a warm way to enter the market. Creating good content will market your business far and wide when distributed on social media, through media exposure and your mailing list. Get clear on what you offer and who it is for, then show them why they should pay attention to you.






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